Listening to Mayon makes you want to grab a hammock, lie down and gently fall asleep to its beautiful folk sound.

Unfortunately, there’s hardly anything about the singer online. It’s almost as if the only thing that represents her is her BandCamp page and that’s it.

Nevertheless, one listen to, So High/So Low, and all your stress seems to go away. Instantly you’re transported to some vintage 60s/70s, hippie folk commune where you’re invited to simply enjoy the sound.

The album opend with a midtempo track titled, The New Day Has Gone Again. It’s a beautiful single that features melodic singing and quiet guitars. The lyrics are gorgeous as well, exuding a beautiful countryside vibe.

Meanwhile, title track, So High/So Low, is one piece that seems fit as a soundtrack for movies like The Virgin Suicides. This vintage feel to the songs actually makes it endearing especially for people who have a soft spot for the folk sound. Some of my favorite tracks apart from the opening single include The Fall by Lisa Li Lund and the final cut, One More Song. Both One Too Many Mornings and It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue are songs covered from Bob Dylan.

The beauty of this album lies in its folkish, retro feel. You’ll feel this light, relaxing air enveloping each track. It’s almost as if it was made by a ray full of sunshine that simply makes you want to soak it all up. Even though there’s not much about the singer online, Mayon has definitely found her niche. She creates songs that are likable and makes it look so effortless. Go ahead and take a listen.

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