Bob Dylan

Mayon: So High/So Low

Listening to Mayon makes you want to grab a hammock, lie down and gently fall asleep to its beautiful folk sound. Unfortunately, there's hardly anything about the singer online. It's almost as if the only thing that represents her is her BandCamp page and that's it. Nevertheless, one listen to, So High/So Low, and all your stress seems to go away. Instantly you're transported to some vintage 60s/70s, hippie folk commune where you're invited to simply enjoy the sound.

Evan Uhlmann: Blue Lipstick

Evan Uhlmann has a knack for creating fun pop songs, complete with cheeky lyrics and a catchy melody. It's the type of songs you won't mind playing even if you aren't big on pop music at all. Born in Chicago, Uhlmann now calls New York City his home. While studying in Wales, he was under the tutelage of Ray Davies, among the founding members of the British band, The Kinks. Just last year in September, he released his first debut record and called it, Blue Lipstick. Combining pop with acoustic indie rock guitar work, the record contains songs that are playful and with good composition.

Ornery Little Darlings: Ooh La la

Ornery Little Darlings create sexy indie rock that they describe as "ďa highly improbable ornery-as-hell-love-child between Billie Holiday and Lou Reed." Although in places, it does sound like this, there are more elements to their songs than this. Made up of mainly Emmi Chen, Jason Ewers, and Paul Puschautz; the group's sound is characteristic of acoustic guitars, sultry female vocals and a 50/60s dirty rock vibe happening all over. It's one of those albums that make an impression after you hear the first track.

Robin Grey: I Love Leonard Cohen

Simple folk pop with a penchant for name dropping. Robin Grey creates lovely folk music, no doubt about that. I Love Leonard Cohen, is a 4 track EP released after his first full length debut, Only the Missile. His latest album is Strangers with Shoes and contains 8 folk acoustic rock tracks. Grey has a gift for creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere with his music. Influences from Leonard Cohen, Ani DiFranco and Bob Dylan reign supreme in his work. So if you love music from those artists, chances are, you'd appreciate this EP.