All Android users, it is time to own and manage your own Nightclub and make people dance to your own tunes. Yes, with Nightclub Story, this is exactly what you get and sometimes you even get more. The game is very intuitive and is dependent on how the user decides to play the game and make his/her nightclub.

Developed by TeamLava, LLC, a top developer on the Android Market, with many games available and download numbers for each of them speaking volumes about how people love the company’s style.

The game gives users the freedom to open their very own nightclub and decide the A to Z materials and happenings inside. Users get to design the dance floor with a choice of multiple flooring, wallpapers can be mixed and matched, speakers can be brought, complete with a DJ and some really cool lighting. All this costs money in-game and the money is earned by attending to the clud as much as possible.

The game always one whopping feature and that is the use of in-device mp3 music collection, apart from the NightClub Story music. Users can choose the song on their mood and then simultaneously mix drinks at the bar to let the crowd go a bit tipsy. The size of the dance floor is not a restriction at all, it can be as big as the club and nothing can spoil the party at all.

In Nightclub Story, players can also visit their friends nightclub for some energy and coin earning in-game. The game is highly intuitive and everything can be done with just a tap. The developers are working hard and roll-out an new update with new dance floors, decor, themes, items and drink every week.

Overall, one of the greatest concepts to have hit the smartphone platform and this game really takes the cake as far as innovation is concerned. Thumbs-up to the developer and the fun game.

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