Inner Voices is an acclaimed concept album from Kg & the Storytellers. The album was actually recorded as a collective and features various musicians contributing to the songs.

The 11-track album takes listeners on a rollercoaster journey of cultural rhythms. You’ll hear soulful saxophones, funky bass grooves and even classical arrangements here and there. It’s a hodge podge of sounds that beautifully come together to create one interesting and catchy record.

Inner Voices opens with the feel-good track, Enlightened One (Buddha Song). Probably one of the best ones in the record, it combines great vocals, funky bass lines and just an airy feel that makes listeners smile inside. It sets the album on the right path and gives listeners a peek at what’s in store.

If there’s one thing you’ll pick up from this album, it’s the feeling of lightness; as if you’re exploring your inner self and gaining a better understanding while doing so. There are really catchy tracks in the album and some of them are worthy of being staples on your playlist. Plus, the production values are pretty good. Go ahead and take advantage of the free download. Great times are waiting to be spent with this album.

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