“Lush Selects is an internet collective, label, and curation channel finding the hottest beats daily.” The collective supports underground and more unknown artists paving a way for you, great music lover, to discover the best acts – that normally would stay hidden.

Lush Selects comes to us from Los Angeles. It’s collections are a mixture of sounds. They combine the true electronic with more chill hip-hop acts, and some in-betweeners. The featured artists blend the same sounds as well, combining some jazz and blues influences in their more electronic shell – GinjahBeard stands as a one of the examples. Most tracks are chill, very chill. Perfect as a backdrop to particularly hard day at work to calm down the nerves or simply enjoying the day on the beach.

003 gives us 21 free and pretty amazing songs. There is really no reason not to download and enjoy all of them. If you fall in love with one of the artists, make sure to give them a shout out on social media! Enjoy.

Track List:
1. Koyö – Patchwork
2. Pehoz – Latitude
3. ADMB – Bag Lady feat. Joon Jukx
4. GinjahBeard – My Love
5. Elijah Melo – He’s No Good
6. Fatir – No Sleep Til
7. B-Dibe – Eyes Out
8. B.W.Ø – Missing
9. Squirrely Bass – It Lives Here
10. Baribal – Equilibrium
11. VRSYJNES – When You’re Down
12. Stephen Herrera – When the Water Runs
13. Danky – Stroll with a Troll
14. ~ Kᙅ ~ – Saturn
15. FXRNOK & Lugri – Enfer
16. Dabow – Last Fight (Jew3lz Remix)
17. 33k – simple
18. Beren One – Future Bop
19. Weaver Beats – Hephaestus
20. Roche Limit Dub – Calling
21. HoneyRuin – Occult

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