Mindjet for the iPhone is a productivity app that lets you input tasks and ideas as well as notes into your mobile device, arraigning them into visual maps that allow you to rapidly organize those concepts. Published by Mindjet LLC, it can help you when it comes to prioritizing.


With Mindjet you will be able to make new maps on the fly or import them from the company’s cloud service. Because your files are saved in the cloud, you can access them anywhere there is an Internet connection.

It is very easy to create a new topic; just slide your finger and a new topic will be made. In fact, it won’t take more than two taps to do tasks like moving, editing, folding, unfolding – making it very convenient to use.
Mindjet also lets you add as many topics as you want and you can also insert subtopics too. In addition, you can save all the branches as individual maps, and it is also easy to do basic tasks like cut, copy and paste.

Their cloud service allows you edit and create files as well move and copy maps inside your account. Dropbox users will be happy to note that Mindjet allows you to sync your maps there and also access your other files. It is also worth pointing out that the map display is in real time, so the placements of all your topics are in their present location.

Drag and drop is fully supported, and you only need to tap once to create sibling and parent topics. Finally, Mindjet has undo, redo and zooming in and out.

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