Israel-born singer/songwriter Kori is a self-taught musician who enjoys experimenting between genres of rock, indie and pop music. Moreover, the artist also dabbles in photography and painting on the side.

Nightgame is among his latest release. Like his previous records, he plays all of the instruments by himself.

There’s a couple of genres he explores in the record but mostly his sound echoes a brooding alternative rock sound. He couples it with deep, almost one-tone vocals that add a darker mood to the tracks.

The album starts with the title track, Nightgame. A semi-quiet single where Kori opens with slightly inaudible vocals before emanating a sexy Michael Hutchence type of feel. Summer, is another mellow acoustic pop single that best showcases the singer’s capability at creating beautiful mood.

A few other cuts that’ll give listeners a good feel for Kori’s music include, Tonight in The Moonlight, Goodbye, I’m Taking My Chances and Now That I’ve Become a Man.

Although there are tracks worth skipping, quite a few are interesting enough to warrant a listen. Personally, Kori seems to excel at creating moody, dark tracks that are enveloped in melancholia. His voice exudes a relatable despair on occasion, which go really well with minimal instruments.

Take a listen to the record and see if this is your cup of tea. It’s available at a name-your-price download.
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