B. Eure III or Bernard Eure III definitely knows how to create cool, laid back beats; the kind you can play on a quiet Saturday night while chillin’ with your friends.

A Mind’s Canvas is the first album from this Virginia based artist. He doesn’t waste anybody’s time and right from the start showcases his penchant for catchy rhythm and great rhymes.

According to the artist, “this album is a self produced project I dedicate to the ever presence lesson of life, love and the struggle to balance it all. A mind is truly a canvas because what we see and experience constitutes the images and beliefs engraved in it.” �

It’s not everyday you get a spectacular mini EP that impresses from beginning to end, A Mind’s Canvas is one of those rare moments and it’s filled with special tracks that are hard to ignore.

My Life, opens up the compilation and starts it strong. Expect to end up tapping your feet or doing a little sway with your head as you listen to this track. It’s cool and catchy and guaranteed to leave you with a dose of last-song-syndrome. Right up next is The Verge, featuring a smoother beat, B. Eure’s vocals starts to really shine. The groove is nice and it’s just smooth throughout.

Meanwhile, If I Had a Dollar and Others fill the tracks in between and each song has its own personality. Crash, beautifully closes the record in style as it sways with beautiful grooves and B. Eure’s gorgeous pipes.

Overall, there’s only 5 tracks on this record but if you love soul then it’s almost guaranteed you’re going to love the entire set. Hopefully there’s more to come from this talented singer/producer. It’ll be something to look forward to that’s for sure. Grab the download for the meantime. Enjoy!

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