Buckle-up as Swiss singer-songwriter Ursina journey to new musical avenues. Released last April 26, 2013, Time is a Thief is a four-track EP that reinvents folk pop with a fresh kick.

Welcoming our ears is One Foot, an eccentric jungle of trumpet, tomboy, harmonium that produces an trip-hop piece with a theatrical flair. Breakout follows with a stripped down guitar ensemble. Ursina’s voice stretches and belts into an ambient heaven of solid goodness.

Treating the audience with Swedish lyrics, La Stad Ei Vargada is a soothing ensemble with soft cooing melodies. Rhythmic drum beats closes up the album in Time is a Thief. This must-hear piece is shrouded with aired vocals and thick guitar strums that channels a surf pop vibe.

The EP is made possible with the talents of Ursina (vocals, piano, harmonium, wuritzer, and omnichord), Roland Waespe (guitars), Martina Berther (bass), Emanuel Künzi (dr, percussion), and Adrian Schmid (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, and tuba). It’s available as a pay-what-you-want/free download on bandcamp.

Track List:
1. One Foot
2. Breakout
3. La Stad Ei Vargada
4. Time is a Thief

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