Blooming in its own pace, Odd Folk‘s 2012 musical project Die Young crafts honest and tasteful folk music fit for anyone’s taste.

Featuring five radio-polished pieces, the Chicago-based band brings us back to vivid images of rolling hills and country landscapes. Odd Folk consists of Paul Cherewick (songwriter/guitar/vocals), Madely Strutz (banjo/vocals), Monty Weber (violin), and Chace Wall (mandolin/organ/vocals).

Title track Die Young welcomes the ear with a rhythmic guitar hook that tumbles and flirts into earthly, textured vocals. This winning piece encapsulates the band’s great potential as it maintains similarities with other folk songs, yet remains different by tweaking a playful flair in the arrangement and vocals.

Opening up with a strong, emotional solo, True to My Word delivers a pleasurable listening experience as lively banjo blends smoothly with restrained violin tunes.

Chimes and a subdued folk arrangement in Long Run will surely calm the nerves. Press play and let this enchanting song serenade your weary soul.

Ending the collection in a celebratory note, Evanston showcases toe-tapping beats, fast-paced string plucking, and a well-harmonized blend of male and female vocals.

In Die Young, Odd Folk has crafted a well-thought out album that deserves a hefty applause.

Track List:
1. Die Young
2. True to my Word
3. Sorry I’m Arrogant & Obsessive
4. Long Run
5. Evanston

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