Want us to name some of our favourite things? Well, we got one: it’s Lili K.’s newest EP – My Favorite Things.

22-year-old Lili K. has been making waves in the Chicago music scene with her unique flair of music, which she wittily dubs as ‘neo-soul’. True to her word, her smooth vocals hearken to the days of Ashanti’s “Unfoolish”, fusing them with catchy hip-hop beats.

Lili K. starts things with panache in the opening track “Interlude”, whose synths, piano and slow beats could very well sit next to the collection of the late Amy Winehouse. She then makes references to everyone’s favourite deity in “Come Sunday”. Girl really knows how to make Christian music sound hip!

On the succeeding tracks, Lili does enumerate favourite things such as the “Solar System” and a “Summertime Valentine”, where alternately, she employs 20’s-inspired harmonies and modern RnB beats, meshing perfectly in a contemporary coming of jazz music that’s completely hers.

Lili K
Surely, this is one ‘sunshiney’ record you’d have to play right away.

Track listing:

  1. Interlude
  2. Come Sunday
  3. Solar System
  4. Summertime Valentine

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