Vertigo Racing by Chillingo may seem like your typical endless runner, and while it does share some similarities, it’s a different game. You’re driving a car and the goal is to just keep it on the road. Sounds simple enough, but trying to keep your car from falling off the edge of a cliff is far more challenging than it seems.

You car steers itself and you control it with the brake and gas pedal, tapping the appropriate control where it is necessary. There aren’t any opposing cars to deal with, but you are racing against time as there is a limited amount of gas in your vehicle.

It sounds too easy but really it’s more difficult than it sounds because the roads are so steep. If you make a slight mistake you car will slip and crash into a tree or fall of the edge, so what you need to do is feather the controls. Pushing the pedal to the metal is not going to do the trick as you’ll likely end up crashing.

So speeding to your destination can be risky, but you can’t take too much time either since you’ve got a limited amount of fuel. Fortunately, there are refueling stations around so you can get filled up.

You can think of fuel as your timer, and if you make it to the next stop you will be able to continue racing. You also earn cash depending on how far you go and if you perform the side missions successfully, so that’s incentive to keep going.

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