Carsie Blanton is back and hitting the sound waves with more zest and kick than ever before. In her new album entitled So Ferocious, the singer/songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana intends to recapture our ears (and hearts) again with well-crafted Americana pop melodies.

Blanton is not new in the music game. She has toured with Paul Simon, the Wood Brothers, the Weepies and even Joan Osborne. Her previous albums such as Idiot Heart and Not Old, Not New have graced the FrostClick page over the years, but what makes So Ferocious stand out is its focus on womanhood, maturity and Blanton’s growth as an artist.

First stop is Hot Night, a sweet melodious track that brims with celebration of Blanton’s love for energy-driven drums and piano. Listen as her hushed, charming vocals intertwine with honky instrumentation that sound like you’re in a middle of a parade.

Vim & Vigor follows in a more sensual approach, chiseled to be paired with a glass of whisky in a speakeasy bar. The lounge-friendly tunes blend well with swanky horns, creating a luscious sonic piece for easy listening.

In Fat & Happy, Blanton channels her playful side. The upbeat, positive beat strikes an irony when paired with lines about karma such as “when I’m fat n happy and famous as f*ck/will you still be honkin like a Canada duck.”

Ferver Dream closes the collection in crooning melodies and impecably rhyming lines that are short yet sweet.

The long wait is over and Carsie Blanton did not dissapoint in the tracks featured in So Ferocious. Here, you will see an artist who has found her own voice, polished it, and ready to play around for a little experimentation.

Track List:
1. Hot Night
2. Vim & Vigor
3. So Ferocious
4. Lovin is Easy
5. Ravenous
6. Fat & Happy
7. Scoundrel
8. To Be Known
9. The Animal I Am
10. Fever Dream

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