A type of sound, a favorite artist, or perhaps, a well-curated playlist has the power to command something of its owner, bearing his soul to the world.

In Night Marcher‘s Modern Daze, the band from Salt Lake City weaves a collection of soulful rock pieces that speak volumes about listeners who choose to play it on repeat.

Modern Daze consists of 10 tracks that play in between the lines of ethereal and musky. Its melodies, which features a combination of soul and fuzz, encourages movement through sound.

Saint welcomes the piece with energetic rock tunes with a funky vibe. Sharp, crisp vocals that pierce through each note give much power to this musical gem.

Broken Part
follows with a soulful ensemble of lush vocals and jazz melodies. Open a bottle of vino, press play, and let this track be the backdrop of a chill-out evening. Scars, on the other hand, combines slow rock and folk strings. The result? A musical pleasure that paints dreamy soundscapes for the ears.

Kro closes Night Marcher’s Modern Daze in a subtle tone, interlacing gloomy ambient tunes with softly layered strings.

All in all, the tracks that were featured in Modern Daze encapsulate Night Marcher’s distinct taste in soul rock that delves deeper beyond surface level listening. So press play, download, and let this album touch your soul.

Track List:
1. Saint
2. Broken Path
3. Holy Ghost
4. Scars
5. Mask
6. Mistakes
7. Shoved
8. Chin Up
9. People are Screaming Jesus
10. Kro

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