The success of Crossy Road has led to the development of games that mimic its style and graphics. Some are good and others aren’t, but one that you’ll enjoy is Madness Road from Yauheni Laurynenka. Here the goal is to kill zombies by running them over, and you also get to smash buildings too, so yes, it’s immersive.

As soon as the game starts you’ll have to run over zombies, and it’s easy to figure out. You just use your thumb to control the virtual joystick or you could flip over your device and tap the screen’s side to steer. The challenge here is getting used to either of the controls as they are quite sensitive.

Once you do get the hang of the controls, you’ll see how enjoyable Madness Road can be. No complicated storyline here, just you driving around your truck and killing as many undead as possible. There are also a bunch of power ups included, and they will come in handy when the zombies come in droves.

You have to manage your driving however, because your truck will run out of fuel. But if you are patient with this game – and anyone who has played a Crossy Road type game is – then you’ll be able to unlock cars, some with longer health bars than others.

Madness Road is an enjoyable casual game, and it’s the type you will be playing in short bursts. That is not really a bad thing, and if you’re a casual player, this is one title you’ll want to try.

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