Get ready for something warm and flavorful. No, not literal ramen, but remixes from a ramen-loving beat maker. Scooter G. Oyama, or Go Yama, is a beat maker and Jazz guitarist from Boston, Massachusetts currently residing in San Francisco, California. He has a large following because of his skill for producing unapologetically groovy tracks. Whether he’s doing a fast Trap track or a slower, Chill track, Scooter will have you moving. Ramen Remixes is a perfect example of that.

Sometime last year, Scooter went on a brief hiatus of sorts and made a triumphant return to Soundcloud with a new account. He had a lot of remixes on his old account that people wanted to hear again. So, he decided to compile them all into one release. The result is 20 tracks with that Go Yama-ramen-inspired twist. He has a very warm mixing style, which along with his organic, complex rhythms makes for a smooth, fluid and easily distinguishable style. Go Yama will often add guitar solos in his tracks and live performances, like in the second track, “Cavity”. You can check out his Instagram account for his weekly guitar beats.

Scooter is a very talented producer and musician overall. He is a part of the popular labels Darker Than Wax and Rootnote Collective. He even started a monthly electronic music showcase in Boston called East Meets Beats that’s still going strong. Go Yama focuses on the natural process of composition and bringing each sound to life. That’s why every song Scooter makes has an undeniable energy. Ramen Remixes is definitely an album to grab. So hit the free download button and be sure to check out his Soundcloud and other social media.

Track List
1. Sam Smith – Good Thing (Go Yama remix)
2. Hundred Waters/Shigeto – Cavity (Go Yama Remix)
3. Keith Ape – IT G MA (Go Yama remix)
4. GI JOE PSA (Go Yama flip)
5. Carlton and Tyra Banks (Tom Jones flip)
6. BMOYAMA (Lake flip)
7. Color blindness (Fly lo x Nas flip)
8. Daisuke Tanabe – Vestige (Go Yama flip)
9. Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Find a way (Go Yama x Gene Shinozaki remix)
10. Fiona Apple – Hot Knife (Go Yama flip)
11. Flying Lotus – Putty Boy Strut (Go Yama guitar remake)
12. Goron Blizzard (Ocarina of time flip)
13. Japanda (kawaii desiigner flip)
14. Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie (Go Yama remix)
15. Little Dragon – Pretty Girls (Go Yama Remix)
16. Low Leaf – Change Your Frequency (Go Yama Remix)
17. Radiohead – Reckoner (Go Yama remix)
18. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago (Go Yama remix)
19. DJ Shadow – Scale it back (Go Yama flip)
20. Chance – Summer Friends (Go yama flip)

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