It’s a truism in the gaming industry that a successful title or concept will spawn imitators. Such is the case with io games, with more and more coming at a blistering pace. Some of these have been really good and we can include in that group. Does it look and play like other io games? Yes, but the way developer Ming Yang has polished the game sets it apart.

The trademark of all .io games is simplicity and that’s very true here. When starts you’ll see a Settings button, a Play button, and a Player Name. The Player Name is self-explanatory as is the Play button. The Settings button lets you turn on and off phone vibration when you die in the game. You can also change the beetle color before you start.

The medal at the bottom denotes your current ranking. The longer you’re able to stay alive and the more opponents you take out, the higher the ranking becomes. Once you’ve adjusted all the settings, tap the Play button. All you need to do is drag your beetle around and push your opponents into the water. Avoid the large ones but go after the smaller beetles, and try to survive for as long as possible.

Sounds simple enough, but the other beetles fight back and you’ll probably find yourself in the water as often as your enemies. But that is part of what makes enjoyable. If you’re into short burst playing then this will suit your style.

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