Do you love mobile racing games with lots of speed? Finger Driver from Ketchapp is not one of those. It has some elements of racing but is more about driving and handling. It offers a unique take on racing that makes it enjoyable and will have you coming back for more.

The gameplay is simple. When the game starts you will see a top down view of a curving track, a small car and a virtual steering wheel in the center. You control the steering wheel with your finger, going left, right, forward depending on the direction of the track.

Just keep spinning the wheel and try not to fall off the road. It sounds simple enough but the steering wheel is difficult to control. Learning the controls is easy but it is another thing to master it so you do not drive off the track.

Because of the game mechanics, Finger Driver is not as fast as other racing games. It is not so much about driving as fast as you can, as it is more about remaining on the road and just keep going.

That is all there is to Finger Driver. Just use your finger to drive the car for as long as possible. Think of it as like an endless runner, only it is more about hand eye coordination and dexterity.

There are a lot of casual mobile games and the field is competitive, but Finger Driver is one of the better ones. Easy to learn but packed with challenges, it is the type of game you can pick up anytime.

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