Alternative Metal

(Incubus, korn, Staind)

Stave The Grave: Dead End

Dead End from Stave the Grave is a fast-paced, rocking 4 track compilation, that comes loud and proud. With elements of rockabilly, metal and even a hint of progressive rock in there; the band throws punchy, rhythmic tracks that's enough to get your gears going. For fans of horror rock and that 70s rock sound, Stave the Grave is definitely one band to watch out for.

Dragstrip Rodeo: Dragstrip Rodeo

Fast-paced, ballsy rock and roll. Dragstrip Rodeo is a three piece rock band hailing from "D-Town." Their music is characteristic of rolling, fast drums, electrifying guitars and screaming yet coherent vocals that will definitely let you take notice and rock on. Featuring rock tracks that pounce and bite back, this 5 song release is definitely one worth checking out.

Futile: 7 Nightmares

Alternative progressive four piece from Germany. With the influx of generic alternative rock bands, it's hard to find bands (famous or not) that conform to the norm yet still stand out. Futile is one of the few bands that can do this. Truth be told, they do sound like just another rock/alternative band on the horizon, but some of their songs are quite good and worth checking out. Think German, slightly unrefined version of Staind, with a little bit more progressive.

Interlude: 10000 ans de vengeance

Hardcore emo rock that starts and ends with lots of Spanish shouting. Although its often a bit challenging to absolutely love a song sung in a language you don't know, there are special tracks and albums that transcend beyond the language barrier. Interlude's 1000 ans de vengeance is certainly one that you can mark down on that list.

No Face by Redmind – metal mayhem from France

Unique French rock metal filled with thrashy guitars and loud vocals. Despite the lack of information on this band online, there is an abundance of rock and roll in Redmind. No Face is filled with 6 tracks that embody what this band is about. Their music is a mixture of rock neometal with speedy guitar licks, growling vocals and heavy drums to match. Redmind's No Face might sound typical and the band might not break any boundaries with their music, but they do manage to pull through and create a solid sounding demo.

Helldorados – Just Rock

Hardcore rock and roll that spells out what it means to have balls. Okay, so maybe I'm just a sucker for bands that don't take themselves too seriously, but still make fun, kickin' music. Helldorados is definitely this type of band, hence, falling for them is not very difficult. Just Rock is a compilation of 11 tracks that are as rock and roll as can be. It's a mix of late 80s glam rock, with the chant vocals, and guitar licks. Although it might not be "spectacular," the album is good fun to listen to especially if you want to pass away the time.

This Co. “This Co.” – free debut new wave/post-punk album

Who knew that the Chileans were such fans of the New Wave movement? This Co. describes itself as a "band that combines Post-Punk and New Wave into a hybrid between rock and electronic," which is, in itself, an apt description of many Indie Rock groups which are around today. The rock trio stamped their unique musical identity onto the scene in 2008 with their self-titled debut album. Not too long after, the group's first single "As You Know" was preselected as a Top 10 most requested song on MTV. Since then they've been writing more songs, and of course, touring and doing gigs, most notably in Barcelona, Weimar and Berlin in July 2009.

Sever “Coma Circle” LP – hardcore scream metal

With a great mix of hardcore metal and rock that will knock your socks off, Sever is a band worth listening to. With the traditional line-up change expected from a band that's more than a decade old, Sever's current lineup is as perfect as can be. Coma Circle features 10 tracks filled with energy and rawness that's hard to find nowadays. Perhaps the fact that they are relatively unknown (as of yet) adds to the appeal, but this German band certainly deserves a chance to be heard.

Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt – Music of the Gods Vol. II

Dr. Phibes & The Ten Plagues of Egypt - Music of the Gods - Vol. II is the love child of two simingly opposite music styles - classical & heavy metal. It is a crazy and exhilarating mesh of heavy guitars along with classical strings, church organs and lots of noise. The second installment out of a two volume set features mixes of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and Sonata For Flute, Bassoon And Bass I/II/IV by Antonio Vivaldi, apart from Bach's Fugue.