(Brian Eno, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream)

Andres Ilar: Twilight Rainfalls

Anders Ilar is a Swedish electronic musician and producer. He started his relationship with music as a child, playing the piano at age six. He discovered electronic music as a teenager and spent countless hours playing with synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines. Since he was never 100% happy with his compositions he stopped recording in late 90s, but quickly returned after discovering computer software as a way of producing music. To date, he has released 5 albums and 13 EPs & 12''. "Twilight Rainfalls" is a free mp3 album Andres released as a gift to his fans and friends.

Grace Valhalla: summerCamp

Grace Valhalla is a young French DJ & composer and "summerCamp" is her fourth album. "You'll find many analog sounds, 8bit sounds and guitars in this album. I wanted something warm, a soft music of summer", says Grace Valhalla. Download her Zipped Album or a Torrent file here.

Grace Valhalla: Wire

Grace Valhalla is a young, fresh female French DJ & composer. To date, she's released four albums - "Wire" is her third one. The first of Grace Valhalla's albums, "psychopathethic", is more of a rock album, second entitled "PEAK~" is definitely more on the electronic side, while the third, "Wire", is a mix between the first two, and just like the previous ones contains some melancholic and calm music. Her newest album, "summerCamp", has more of a pop feel to it. Make sure to check out all four of them!