(Sublime, Bob Marley, 311)

Dominic Balli: Not For Sale

The power of reggae music lies in its power to impact social, cultural, and spiritual norms, which is greatly reflected in Dominic Balli‘s latest release. Not For Sale is a 12-track album that evokes memories and personal themes punctuated with lush, funky melodies.

Bass Culture Players: Foundation EP

Focused on “Roots Reggae experimentation”, Bass Culture Players, a musical Project based in Madrid, will take you on one great sounding journey through drums, beats, and plenty of relaxing sways. It’s like a laboratory of sounds that “mixes singers and musicians from Spanish scene in search for a very personal formula”.

Leading Armies: Let’s Get Serious

‘Tis the season of giving, so we’re sharing one of our guilty pleasures for the moment: Leading Armies! The guys from Limerick, Island are celebrating their second year as musicians — they formed on Christmas Day 2011 — by releasing their second EP, Let’s Get Serious.

Jordan Rakei: Franklin’s Room

There is beauty in understated simplicity, ease, and moderation which is shown in Jordan Rakei‘s music. In Franlikn’s Room released last September, the Brisbane native offers a pleasurable mix of hip hop, soul, and reggae.

Lee Scratch Perry Beat Tape by Lee Perry

Lee Perry has become a stalwart in Jamaican music. Whether people recognize him or not, there's no denying that much of his work and contributions to the Jamaican musical culture are quite relevant. Perry is both a producer and a musician with much of his work becoming a big influence in ushering reggae and dub in both the local and international scene. Throughout his career, he has released quite a lot of songs as well as albums. His use of a four track recorder in contrast to the advanced equipment his contemporary producers in that time became well accepted. His clever use of samples were accompanied with a characteristic "chugging beat" which eventually became a mainstay in reggae music. Lee Scratch Perry Beat Tape is a tribute compilation to the man created by Brisbane based outfit Dub Temple Records.

Clay and Friends: A Quest Called Jam

There’s always something fresh, something easy, and something breezy from Clay and Friends. A Quest Called Jam was released 17 May 2013. The group is composed of Samish the king on lead guitar and back vocals, Aydell on beat box and production, and Clay on lead vocals and rhythm guitar.

Baptman: Under The Influence

Serving as a mixtape for the indie film, Influencers; Baptman's Under the Influence serves as a beautiful gateway to the film and its idealogy. The film discusses how trends today are easily spread and digested, whether its in fashion, music or entertainment. Taking this premise, Baptman infuses his sound with beautiful electronica, hip hop, jazz, indie and even rock elements while also sprinkling inspiring lyrics here and there.