Pinta is a cross-platform image editing program. There are plenty of free image editors available. Pinta’s advantage is it is light on the system. In spite of its many features, the program can run on older pieces of hardware. The software has a plethora of drawing tools. You can make everything from basic shapes to complex polygons. You can use layers for intricate images.


NeoOffice is a full featured free office suite. The main applications are the Writer word processor; Base, the database component; Draw, for creating graphics; Impress (presentation) and Calc, for making spreadsheets. Each application is feature packed. Calc has many features comparable to commercial products. You can add formulas and use basic and advanced functions. Some of its more impressive features are the Intelligent Sum Button, Natural Language formulas and Advanced DataPilot technology. Writer has all the features you would expect from full-featured word processors like formatting, bibliographical references and indexing. You can create tables of contents and many more.

Pulse News

There are a lot of news readers for the iPad, with most having the same interface. Pulse from Alphonso Labs is different. It’s not just the unique interface; there are also distinct features in this app. When you start this RSS reader, you’ll see that it makes good use of the iPad’s generous screen. Navigating the app is pretty easy. News feeds are scrollable. To see more, move vertically. One of the nice things about Pulse is the pictures, ideal to liven up your news reading. News items can be read in web or text version. In portrait view, the entire screen will be reserved for reading. In landscape view, stories can be read side by side. A new feature lets you keep track of stocks.


Zotero is open source software for academic research. It is primarily aimed at professionals and students. But anyone who has to do research will find the program handy. Zotero gathers your materials in one place which you can then search and edit. The software is developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. The software allows you to add webpage snapshots, videos, images, audio files, PDFs and other files.

WorldMate Mobile App

Traveling is fun, but planning and organizing can be a hassle. WorldMate app is designed to make things easier for you. Developed by WorldMate Inc, it is available for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The app is pleasing to the eye, especially with iOS’ Retina Display. The application stores trip details locally, so you can view the files even with no Internet connection. In addition, there are other features that stand out, including the ability to provide flight alerts in real time.


Skyscanner is an app that lets you search flights from around the world. When you use the app, you’ll be able to locate the most affordable dates and flights around. After downloading and setting up the program, it will ask for your present location so it can locate the nearest flight. You can choose OK or “don’t allow”. Choose OK when you are ready to use the app. If you tap OK, you’ll be given information about the nearest airport. Skyscanner will also tell you where the flights in your area are located. The screen will also have information on what days a flight is returning or departing, where airports fly to and the closest airport. You can modify the search options to show only direct flights.

Libre Office

LibreOffice published by the Document Foundation is a complete free office suite. It may not be as popular as other high priced office suites, but in terms of features it can compete very well. The best part is that it is completely free. When you start the program, a menu will appear. This allows you to select what program to use. The choices are Writer, Math, Impress, Draw, Base and Calc. Impress is a presentation program while Base is used for database integration.


LibreCAD is an open source 2D CAD application for Windows, Mac and Linux. The app is great for industrial designers, but anyone who wants to learn how to make 2D CAD drawings will like this program. For a free software, LibreCAD gives you a lot of tools to work with. New users will be able to create basic drawings, while advanced users can make engineering plans with the software. Layers can be added, ideal for complex drawings. The provided tools are sufficient for producing high precision drawings. You can start drawings from scratch. But it is also easy to put in splines, ellipses, arcs, lines and circles. A single item can have several iterations. For instance, you have 4 modes for a rectangle parameter.