Sleipnir is a free browser by Fenrir Inc. for Windows and the Mac, and nobile versions are available for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone. While it isn’t as well known as the others in the market, it is actually very good and has a lot of things going for it. Among them are tabs that can be arranged in multiple ways for your laptop, widescreen or other screens. You can also do search, drag, close, refresh and other functions with your mouse, and that’s just for starters.


SeaMonkey is an all in one Internet application suite. Under constant development by the SeaMonkey team the suite includes an Internet browser, web development tools, an IRC client, an HTML editor, an email and newsgroup client. Although it is aimed at web developers and advanced users, many of the applications are easy enough for casual computer users to use.

All-in-One Sidebar for Firefox

The All-in-One Sidebar (AiOS for short) is a free plugin for Firefox that lets you open several windows in the form of sidebar panels and switch among them. Created by Ingo Wennemaring it is a nice alternative to the standard add-on window for Firefox, and it also has many other functions.


Maxthon is not as well known as the other browsers, but it actually has enough features to match the others. A product of Maxthon International, it has two display modes; Retro and Ultra. Retro mode is for old websites created with legacy tools. Ultra Mode is for the latest websites. The browser uses the appropriate mode so pages display faster. There are a bunch of other extras included: ad and pop-up blockers, multisearch, autofill and drag and drop. You can do screen captures, translate languages, get feeds and take notes.

Awesome Screenshot

A screen capture usually does just one thing: capture part of (or the entire) screen. Awesome Screenshot is a free utility that takes it to another level. Aside from capturing screenshots, you will be able to share and annotate them. Awesome Screenshot isnt that big, so downloading doesnt take a lot of time. Learning how to use it is a no-brainer. If you want to share a webpage, just go to that page. Click the extension button and thats it. The annotate toolbar provides several options for annotating pages. Options include adding lines, circles, boxes or drawing freehand. A useful feature allows you to blur information. Use this tool if you want to hide specific elements.