If you have some sensitive files on your computer, it will do you a lot of good to hide them from prying eyes. One way is to use AxCrypt, an open source file encryption program for Windows. Not only is it free, but in terms of providing security this program by the AxCrypt development team is very powerful.

Max for Mac

Max for Mac is a program for extracting and generating audio files in various formats including WAV, mp3, Apple Lossless, Ogg, AIFF, FLAC and many more. The Max for Mac development team ensures the application supports more than 30 compressed and uncompressed formats.


As an open source video and music player, Miro has a lot in common with other free players. But it goes beyond what the usual freeware offers. Aside from managing audio and video, it also doubles as an audio/video shopping center. Miro allows users to import their libraries from iTunes. There is support for Android syncing. If you are looking for the iTunes equivalent in Android devices, this is it. Aside from supporting all popular video and audio formats, you can download or subscribe to podcasts.


Clementine is a free music player. The application is based on the Amarok player 1.4 but has a lot of new features. It is a music CD player, Internet radio and mp3 tag editor. Plus a lot more. Clementine’s interface is basic but very workable. Users who don’t like a lot of information thrown at them will like its appearance. You won’t find a music shop link here. The program is built around the user. The main window consists of a big playlist. At its left are tabs vertically set. You will find categories like artist info, song info, devices, Internet, files and library.

Windows Live Writer 2011

For people who prefer to write their blogposts offline, Windows Live Writer 2011 is your best solution. If you're running a Windows 7 OS, chances are you might already have this software installed on there somewhere. For those who are running an older Windows OS, you can grab the download and get started with blogging right away. The software is a great way to write your drafts and easily upload, even publish them, to your respective blogs. No more griping about losing everything the moment you lose your internet connection while saving. It supports blog themes, categories, tags and so much more that there's really no need to head to your blog's interface just to write your post.


Pinnacle Studios has received a handful of criticism for limited functionality of its software, but things seem to have changed with VideoSpin. VideoSpin is a free video-editing software that offers plenty of options for beginner editors. This video-editor performs really well in comparison to its other free counterparts, making this a perfect choice for casual use. This obviously is no match to the full-paid editors, but does a decently good job by providing options like transitions, various codec supports, output of clips for Video networking sites such as Youtube, Metacafe, just to name a few.

Adobe Flex

How many times have you thought of developing an app, and seeing it in full glory on a particular device or platform? Well, if you have given it a thought, Adobe Flex is the tool for you. This particular software eases the process of developing apps that run seamlessly on the iOS, Android, and Blackberry Tablet OS platforms. The buck does not stop here, with Adobe Flex, developing applications for traditional browsers and desktops is also possible using the exactly the same programming model as for mobile ones.


Protecting your work and documents has become really important in this day and age. Thanks to technology, it's become quite easy to send information and even sensitive documents via email. The only problem though is that it's also very easy to duplicate content illegally if there's no proper way of authenticating them. If you want a guaranteed way of protecting your files, then check out XolidoSign. This simple but efficient software lets you add a timestamp or digital signature to your files so you can easily verify them. It also allows your recipient to verify the signature, ensuring that you are both receiving untampered documents.