Media Players


Clementine is a free music player. The application is based on the Amarok player 1.4 but has a lot of new features. It is a music CD player, Internet radio and mp3 tag editor. Plus a lot more. Clementine’s interface is basic but very workable. Users who don’t like a lot of information thrown at them will like its appearance. You won’t find a music shop link here. The program is built around the user. The main window consists of a big playlist. At its left are tabs vertically set. You will find categories like artist info, song info, devices, Internet, files and library.


All users hooked onto Internet Radio will be very familiar with Pandora. The service that allows users to create custom playlist and every particular station is set by a specific artist or song or a mixture of multiple items fused into a single station. The feature and functionality embedded in Pandora that totally takes away the cake would be the Feedback function that has an impact not only on the particular track, but on the entire Playlist on a whole.


MusicBee is a music management application. It comes with all the basic features you need to arrange your audio collection. It also throws in a lot of useful extra features without compromising its ease of use. If your audio files are in the thousands, this organizer is worth a look. The main advantage of MusicBee is the simple interface. Your tracks are situated in the middle of the screen. The left panel has a list of folders, reminiscent of other media players. One of the best features of the program is it can locate information about albums.


Android is definitely the leading smartphone platform available at present. To make this platform the best, developers never fall short of creating the most innovative app, brining the entire productivity level of a basic Android handset to the next level. Equalizer is such an app and caters very well to the music inclined users. Brought to life by Smart Android Apps, LLC, this developer has made the utility category its forte and have churned out some very neat apps in the past, though the ratings and the download number certainly rides in the favor of Equalizer.

GOM Player

GOMmedia player is a seamless and simple player for your videos. Taking a wide range of files, it also works with free to download video converter that you can find on the GOMmedia player website. Even better, it automatically searches for the appropriate codecs online, so in case you find yourself needing one, the GOM Player will get it for you automatically. The available codecs include less common DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, AVI, and MOV, as well as more common ones like FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, and H263.

Slacker Radio

Here is an app for all the music lovers who just cannot get enough of any artist, genre, track or album. Yes, we are talking about Slacker Radio for iOS. This app allows users to browse through their large libraries of songs, almost 2.4 million tracks without crowding the memory-space on the iPod. Developed by Slacker Inc., this app puts a vast collection of artists, tracks, various genre radio channels, and the option to add customized channels anytime, anywhere. This one is an iOS universal app, so users with both iPhone and iPad are in for a treat.

MX Video Player

Android is a great and powerful operating system, one that turns our smartphones into truly great and exciting 'toys'. Unfortunately, it does come with few small shortcomings; the major one being the default video player. HD movies just don't feel the same and the time bar and play/pause functions can turn the player into a somewhat annoying friend. So here comes the MX Video Player that is all set to raise the coolness and productivity quotient to a new level altogether. Developed by MX Technologies, the app is slick and fits perfectly within the new age Android eco-system. Lets take a look at the offerings of the Freemium app.

Instinctiv Music Player

Got internet connection? Get any song you want, on any device(s) you have. Bounce and share songs in a single breath. That's what the Instinctiv Player SyncStream is promising. As you'd expect with this or any other player, the Instinctiv Player SyncStream makes your entire music library available whenever you have an Internet connection. What's new is that you can grab almost any song of your whim, whether you are bouncing songs between devices or grabbing a song you heard blasting from a passing car.


You play with the radio frequency in your car and suddenly hear a song that makes you go "Oo La la", but have just no clue about the song. Well, here comes Shazam to the rescue. This piece of software helps in identifying a song by just listening to a part of it. Shazam is one of the most ideal music identifying apps over multiple platforms. Developed by Shazam Entertainment Ltd., the quality is assured and so are the future updates to the app. Music buffs who just love hearing the songs on the radio and need to download in an easy way, should have Shazam installed on their devices.