One of the finalists for Ludum Dare 20; Questling is an interesting puzzle game that will certainly give you a good challenge. The gameplay is similar to that of Psygnosis' iconic game, Lemmings. As mentioned, the game was designed as an entry for the Ludum Dare 20 Game Development competition. The tournament is aimed at urging indie game makers to create and develop a game in roughly 48 hours only. Each tournament has a theme that developers must follow and exhibit in their finished work. The game is available for free download right on the Ludum Dare website. The updated version that incorporates the soundtrack is also there.

Harbor Master HD

Harbor Master HD is a fun and very addictive game that will keep you busy for a good long time. It's a lot like Flight Control except this time you don't handle airplanes, you handle boats instead. Your job is to navigate the boats around a busy harbor so they can smoothly dock in and out of the space without running into each other. Created by Imangi Studios, LLC, the game is a cool take on being a dock master. It was first released in 2010 and already won raves from gamers. Although the game is offered for free, there are additional maps that you can purchase for a small fee. Nevertheless, the current free map is enough to keep you busy for awhile.

Shotgun FunFun

With doomsday theorists saying we might have a potential zombie attack to fight off during the end of days, it's always best to stay prepared. Shotgun FunFun can help you out with that. This cool game puts you in a scenario where you're trapped in an industrial looking place with 100,000 zombies ready to eat your brains. Oh, and you have unlimited shotgun shells at your disposal so you can blast your way through hordes of the undead. Originally available for download on the PC, the game is now offered absolutely free from the Mac App Store. Now you can tune in and blast your way through a zombie feast. Give the game a download and see how far you can keep Buck Morris alive.


Familiar with the movie, Bolt? If yes, then you're going to adore RhinoBall. This cool game features the little hamster, Rhino, from the movie. The game is quite simple, all you need to do is control Rhino while he collects various items and head for where Bolt is. The game was initially released as a way of promoting the movie Bolt when it first came out. It's become quite a staple in the iTunes app store since then. If you're looking for something to kill time or if you want an entertaining game that even your child play, then go ahead and grab this one. It's absolutely free.

Teragati (Attachment Computing)

If you like space games, Teragati might deserve a spot in your iPhone or iPad. This fun game puts you in control of a spaceship that has to avoid or steer clear from various space junk hurling its way. It's a fun game that will definitely become an instant favorite on your iOS device. Teragati was created by Attachment Computing and made available on the App Store for free. It features wonderful graphics, as well as a highly addictive gameplay. Perfect for when you're bored or simply have too much time in your hands; the game is addictive and will definitely be tons of fun.


Ranger is the latest game released by Netherland-based developing outfit, Foppygames. This one is another fun adventure platformer where you get to play a pilot on a reconnaissance mission against hostile and unfriendly aliens. You'll need to navigate yourself through the many doors, looking for the hostages and rescuing them. At the same time, you'll need to defend yourself against the feisty aliens out to get you. This game was created using Blitz 3D. There are also several other freeware games offered by the developer on his site so after you're satisfied with saving all the hostages as well as killing all the alien kidnappers in this one, go ahead and check out the others as well. Cool game that's worth your time.


Grief is like navigating through Dante's Divine Comedy minus the gore. This cool puzzle platformer sees you exploring the mind of a young girl who is seeking to find some clarity and answers. The game is an interesting take on what goes on in the mind of the young protagonist. It features 20 levels of cool puzzles that will certainly please any gamer. Grief was created by Magnesium Ninja Studios, a Richmond, BC indie game development studio. They've released countless other indie games throughout years and Grief is their most recent one. Check out the game. It won't disappoint.

Tottenham from Theta Games

When you first see Tottenham, it might look weird but it definitely has solid gameplay and will assure any player a good time. In the game, you play a demolitions expert that has to clear the path so that subway connections can be made from point A to point B. This is the latest release from indie developer, Theta Games. They have several other games up for download on their website, some of the titles include Orange, Composition Piece, and R- Theta II. Tottenham might be the type of game people would look over because of its simple graphics, but it's actually a fun and very cool arcade game to check out.


A fun and quirky game, JellyCar has won its fair share of fans. Created by Walaber, the game puts you in control of a jelly car that will go through all the nooks and crannies until it sees the highly elusive stop sign. Thanks to its popularity, succeeding versions of the App has been developed including the latest one by Disney. Of course, the newer versions are available for a price so it's best if you give this free one a try first before shelling out the cash. The game combines beautiful graphics, responsive controls and very addictive gameplay to turn it into a complete winner. Try it out.