John Cube

If puzzle games are more your thing, Johnny Cube should prove entertaining. This cool puzzler runs in the same vein as Sokoban. The game involves plenty of block pushing and puzzle solving. Even though it's quite new (released just this month by Primož Vovk, otherwise known as Blodyavenger) the game is already winning good points for its smooth gameplay. This is the second indie release for the developer, following the footsteps of the 2D game, Obelisk Blocks. It's definitely a game worth playing. The graphics are clean, gameplay is much better and smoother than Sokoban and it's certainly quite enjoyable. Give it a download by clicking the Download Game link on the upper left.


Beacon is a short, fifteen minute freeware game that lets you control a spaceman that has crashed and landed in some unknown space rock. The game might be short and features simple 2D graphics but there's something that's enjoyable and fun in playing this game. This was created for the Ludum Dare 48 game, where developers who participated had to create a game in a 48 hour deadline. Despite the game's simplicity, it features a wonderful and atmospheric mood. There's also plenty of depth in the game that makes you wish it was a little longer. Since the game was initially released, it has been polished, making it a little more faster and better than the first version. Give the game a go.

Victory March

Victory March is a fun side platformer that has you playing as a war hero. You can take your pick in playing an American soldier or as a Soviet one. The main goal is to simply jump from one platform to the next while killing enemy soldiers. Developed by Anton Butsev, the game features a very addictive gameplay that will make you want to play for hours on end. It's certainly a great game that's worth checking out. Best part is that the game is offered absolutely free on the Mac App Store. It might be simple but ultimately, it does the job in keeping you entertained for a good couple of hours.


Blendimals is a cute puzzle platformer where you'll need to blend various animals together to create exciting news ones. You'll then need to use the abilities of the newly created animals to overcome the various obstacles in the game. Don't be fooled by the bright, eye popping, colorful graphics; this game isn't just meant for children but it's perfect for adults and kids-at-heart as well. The game was created by DADIU production (Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment,) with 11 students manning the helm for the project. The team calls themselves the Exploding Cow. Plenty of quirkiness and lots of fun, you might want to give a go.

Bug Hunt

Bug Hunt is a cute game that will certainly give you fun times ahead. This quirky little game is simple but quite addictive. In it, you play a little green dragon with a sticky tongue and a passion for bugs. Your goal is to eat as a many bugs as possible and obtain the highest score. The game is available for download on the Lazy Brain Games website. Just hit the "Play Now" button and it should start downloading automatically. The game is available for download on the Lazy Brain Games website. Just hit the "Play Now" button and it should start downloading automatically. It may start off simple and slow but once the speed picks up, you'll have a hard time prying your sticky fingers off the keyboard until you manage to eat all those flying bugs!

iStunt2 HD – Insane Hills

One of the coolest free games you can download from the App Store, iStunt2 HD - Insane Hills lets you do amazing acrobatic stunts while heading downhill in your snowboard. The game was created by Miniclip Inc. who has also created countless interesting games and made them available online. The game combines great gameplay along with beautiful graphics. It also makes use of the iPad's inner gyroscope when it comes to controlling your snowboarder. Why not check out the game right now? It's available as a free download and definitely worth trying out.


Winner of the YoYo Games Winter Competition, Frozzd, is a cute little 2D platformer that certainly has its charm. The game itself is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, so if you are a fan of that then you might enjoy this one. Some even say that this one packs more fun than the one with the mustachioed plumber. The game was created by Jesse Venbrux, mastermind of such celebrated freeware games like the Karoshi Series. Hence, you can be sure to expect plenty of fun and good times ahead. Frozzd was done entirely on Gamemaker 7 and contains a typical storyline with some very cool, unique elements. Give the game a download from Jesse Venbrux's official page or right here on Frostclick. You won't regret it.

Glum Buster

If you are looking for a nice little puzzle platformer to pass the time, then Glum Buster is your best bet. The game is rather odd but its oddity is what makes it interesting in the first place. The weird thing is that there's hardly any explanation or instructions given in the game. Hence, players are forced to experiment and explore the various areas surrounding them. Glum Buster was created by Cosmind and took four years in the making using the Game Maker machine. However, it seems quite worth it. The gameplay is fun and quite enjoyable. Although it is a rather unusual platformer, it is definitely a cool game to check out. Best of all, it's offered absolutely free. Give a try.


Looking for a cool and child friendly game that you or your little one can enjoy? Try downloading Trace. Programmed and designed by Kevin Calderone, the game features more than 6 unique worlds and about 120 levels. Plus, it has an awesome original soundtrack. The game was released in the App Store about two years ago and is still available for free download. Trace is perfect for children ages 4-9 years old but this doesn't mean adults who are kids-at-heart can't go ahead and enjoy this cool game. Enjoy this drawing game by creating platforms and solve the entire level. Revisit the little child inside you and have fun!