The Wager

The Wager is a new indie game developed by Peter Silk & Kieran Walsh. It was created as one of the entries for the Ludum Dare competition and was put together in an impressive 72 hours. The game has been winning quite a few positive responses since its release and the developers promise to work out the kinks in succeeding updates. It's currently available as a free download on their website. In it, you play an explorer who goes out into the world to explore and seek out various treasures. Your main objective is to earn as much money as possible. The more you earn, the bigger chance of you winning the game.

Terra: The Legend of the Geochine

With only just a few days after its release, Terra: The Legend of The Geochine is already creating buzz in the indie gaming world. Of course, finding out that it hails from the doors of DigiPen adds to its prestige. If graphics are anything to go by, you can tell just by looking at that screenshot to the left, that it's gonna be a real treat. The student developers didn't skimp on the gameplay and storyline as well. This amazing puzzle game is definitely worth looking into. It provides enough of a challenge and gives players a fresh take on the whole puzzle thing. Certainly a game that you should try out whether you're looking to kill some time or looking for the next game to devote days into.


Playing FallOver! for the first time might seem as if the game is broken. However, it's actually not. The game is basically your typical Mario-esque platformer with a little twist; it has weird game physics. Instead of the typical run, jump, walk affair, your little character has trouble keeping his two feet firmly planted on the ground. He has to walk with tons of coins in his pocket when he collects them so he constantly topples and "falls over." This little twist is definitely enough to set apart the game from all other typical platformers. It's a bit short but otherwise pretty fun to play. Give it a go.

Singlehandedly (Jacob Pavone)

Another Ludlum Dare entry, Singlehandedly is a cool platformer that was done in the vein of Megaman. Ludlum Dare is a game challenge where participants are tasked to create games for a set period of time. This whole event was started back in April 2002 by Geoff Howland. Created by Jacob Pavone, Singlehandedly, lets you play as a young hero with a perpetual laser gun seemingly strapped to his hand. You can blast away enemies and overcome obstacles that come your way. The game is simple but definitely quite fun to play. If you adore platform games and love the Megaman series, then this game would definitely please you

Life Fortress Volcabamba

Life Fortress Volcabamba is an interesting game that you might want to look into. Apart from the tongue twister title, the game offers a cool gameplay and a fun classic style. Created using a popular Japanese programming language called, Hot Soup Processor (HSP,) it showcases a classic feel similar to the MSX games back in the day. The shooter game features six levels that will give you quite a challenge. Hence, if you have a good amount of spare time and willing to take on a semi-hardcore Japanese game, then this is one to check out.

Technobabylon Part III

Technobabylon Part III is an interesting game and the third installment from the series. If you haven't heard of it yet, then let me give you a brief background. The game is set in a world where internet addicts, terrorists and conspiracies reign supreme. A bomber is on the loose and you play as a Doctor trying to piece together everything. This puzzle platformer is coupled with great writing and a very cool gameplay. With this third installment, developers are hoping to maintain the consistency between the other two games. Why not go ahead and give this one a go?


Myrktorch is an interesting game that has a title that's as tough to pronounce as its gameplay. The game was created for the Ludlum Dare 2o challenge. It's an event where participants are encouraged to create a game within 48 hours. The event was created by Geoff Howland and has been holding a competition since April 2002. This cool 2D platformer was created by Gustav Kilman, same developer for Steambolt. In the game, you play a priest-like hero who can has to kill the undead with the help of a light halo that emanates from a torch. If you're up for a good challenge ('cause you'll definitely get one here) then grab this game now.


BlockShooter is the latest game from Milk Corporation and the company claims that their game is so good that it'll make you want to "touch yourself" (their words not mine.) Not quite sure whether it's THAT good but it's pretty addictive and entertaining nevertheless. The game is offered with two dimensional graphics and even though you might prefer smooth or lifelike rendering, the graphics doesn't hinder you from having a great time. Ultimately, the game is still worth checking out. Grab the game at the Milk Corporation website or you can click on the Download Game link towards the left.

15 Minutes

If you're a big fan of Jack Bauer and his exploits, then you might want to try out 15 Minutes. This cool game is a humorous take on the hit action TV show, 24. The game was created by Tim Hengeveld, an animator, storyteller, game developer and artist all in one. It was created especially for the MAGS monthly AGS competition. The competition is open to all amateur game developers. Participants have to create a game under one month and following the rules set by the previous winner of the competition. Even though the game is a bit short, it's certainly entertaining and lots of fun. Check it out.