Cave Story

Cave Story is a cool Japanese platformer that was originally released back in 2004. Despite the age, it's still winning plenty of gamers, thanks to its fun and engaging gameplay. The nice thing with this game is the fact that it's so simple. Graphics are retro 8-bit yet it manages to be endearing still. The soundtrack, like the graphics, is simple but it certainly lends some lovely depth to the game. Of course, the gameplay is equally lovely. The game was created by Daisuke Amaya and released in Japanese, but theres a full English patch that you can download as well. Grab the game right now.

Ulitsa Dimitrova

Ulitsa Dimitrova is a German game created by Lea Schönfelder and Gerard Delmas. This game actually won big as part of the 2010 IGF Student Winners. This one is quite unique and interesting. It's not just the graphics but the gameplay and storyline (or lack of it) are one of the major quirks for the game. You'll be playing, Pjotr, a homeless boy that lives in St. Petersburg. Why a seven-year old boy is living on the streets? You'll need to find out for yourself. And there are disturbing things in this game, but it is nevertheless, an okay game to play. The uniqueness of the graphics alone is interesting enough. Give it a go.

8bit Killer

You can say that 8bit Killer is like playing an NES game. The fact is that it was made to look exactly like an overhaul of an NES game. It features the same graphics and gameplay style that fans will definitely feel as if they have gone back in time. The game is set in AD 2488, in a world where the human race is bracing on extinction. In the hands of Master Brain, the world is being threatened and now, a group of humans have formed to combat this growing evil. The game focuses on the final mission for these group of soldiers. If you are looking for a nostalgic yet awesome NES-like game, then you'll definitely find it here on 8bit Killer. It's definitely worth giving a go.

Tiny and Big: Up That Mountain

Tiny and Big might still be in its Beta stages but it's already generating a fairly good buzz among many gamers. For one, the game features beautiful graphics, lovable characters and a cool gameplay; pretty much everything you could possibly want from a game! Created by Black Pants Game Studio, it became a 2011 Student Showcase Finalist. Its amazing graphics, quirky gameplay, and odd storyline add to the beauty of the game. In fact, it's hard to let this one pass by without even trying it out for yourself. The game is available for free download in various formats, including Mac, Linux and of course, Windows. Check out this game now!

Paper Dreams

Incessantly compared to Ad Nauseum 2, Paper Dreams is an entertaining handrawn shooter from Zack Banack. The game features three difficulty levels, but even the "Easy" option will test out even the most patient gamers. This shooter was created for the GameJolt Weekend Jam and was done in basically two days. Despite the short creation period, the game is insanely difficult to even finish. According to the developer's site, the game is ported to flash by Kristian Macanga. If you're up for a good challenge, then you might want to give this one a go and see if you can even finish one level.

Replica Island

Replica Island is touted by many as "THE" Android game to have, that is if you haven't got it yet. The game is a free, open source game that's available for Android users. It features retro graphics that will definitely get any old-school fanboy lusting after it. Done in 2D and in the same vein as Megaman and Mario, the game is packed with entertainment and will definitely keep you busy for hours on end. The game was originally released back in March 2010. Now, it has garnered quite a following and has solidified its status as one of the most entertaining games in the Android market. There are 40 levels in the game so make sure to clear up a good portion of your afternoon before playing. Because trust me, this is addictive. Give it a go.

Lux Touch

If you loved strategy games like, Risk, back in the day; you might find a new bestfriend in the presence of Lux Touch. This is only the lite version of Lux Deluxe but you'll find that it's more than enough to give you a great time. The game sees you looking to take over the world by expanding and owning continents. It features simple but colorful graphics, a somewhat complex gameplay (especially for those who have not tried Risk before) and a cool interface that's heightened by the touch function of the iPad and iPhone screen. Worth trying out if you love any type of conquest game. The best part is, it's all available for free.

TowerClimb (Davioware)

TowerClimb is an interesting game created as an entry for GameJolt's Rogue contest. In the game, you will be playing some random explorer whose goal is to reach the top of an endless tower. The levels are randomly generated so you never know what you are getting. The game is done using Construct. Gameplay is basic, all you have to do is climb, climb and climb some more. You simply have to watch out from the pitfalls of climbing without a harness and of course, other things that might be waiting for you downstairs in case you do fall.

Probability 0

Probability 0 will definitely have you at your wits end. The game is a downward platform game that surprisingly has very little to do with probability but offers tons of options for you to experiment and explore. Levels of the game are randomly generated so you never get the same thing twice. Well, at least not all the time. The game was created by Droqen, a TIGForums member. The idea behind the game is that instead of a health bar, your status is represented by a number. You start off in the double digits and as you descend and fight off baddies; the number decreases. It goes down considerably if you take a hit. It's your job to stay alive, fight off the enemies and keep the number from hitting a zero. This simply means that your probability of staying alive is zilch. Give it a try, it's definitely worth your while.