android market

Top Truck

Ever been a die-hard fan of Monster Trucks and their mayhem carnage nature. Then Top Truck is than the game of your class and calling. As the name suggest, Top Truck allows players to control the big monsters and bring down total fury on cars as you progress through the game. Created by Ace Viral, this developer is no new player to the Android scene and has produced some worthy titles, but Top Truck definitely outshines them hands down. This is carnage and mayhem at its very best.

SpaceCat 3D

Gamers on Android, it is time to fasten your seat-belts and fire up a game that will surely tingle your gaming senses. SpcaeCat 3D is one game that will leave you wanting for more. Created by The Pill Tree, this developer has developed a few games previous to this, but nothing really held ground like SpaceCat 3D. The download numbers are nothing astonishing, but nevertheless, the game is awesome to say the least.

Auto Call Recorder

Here is one app that gives birth to a new genre altogether and that is a straight shooter category. Auto Call Recorder does what it says and what it has been developed for, i.e to record calls. Developed by Roman G. The developers are very quick in their response and have done quite a neat job with the development of this app.

Tiki Kart 3D

Crash Bandicoot fan-boys on Android, hold your horses for what is about to come. Tiki Kart 3D is the exact replica of the Crash series from the PS1 and boy oh boy this one lives up to all its expectations. Tiki Kart 3D is the only game that not only comes close, but actually is as good as the Crash Bandicoot game. Created by Arb Studios LLC, this developer deserves nothing but a 5 star rating for this awesome recreation. The game has been created with full attention to detail and for the old-school lovers, well you will not be disappointed.

IMDb Movies & TV

This is an app that needs no introduction at all, so without any introduction let us have a little chat about it. The brand itself has a huge following already and their app has to live upto certain expectations from their loyalist. Developed by IMDb themselves, the quality of the app is guaranteed and so is the information provided through it. The app is very useful and keeps viewers updated about a host of happening such as movie showtimes, TV listings, trailers and much more.

Speed Car

It seems it is raining with casual fun games on the Android Market, and Speed Car is just one of the fine examples. The game sports very simple controls, simple objective and graphics. And although it brings nothing out of the ordinary to the table, its smooth and quite addicting gameplay certainly turns it into a well worth download. Created by OoO Studio, this developer has quite a few decent game titles under-their-belt, but Speed Car just blows away those titles when the download numbers are compared. Surely, Speed Car is a game that should adorn the App drawer on your Android device.


This is one game that has always featured on my classic list and there will be many who have played it endlessly on their PCs. Yes, the game we are talking about is 'Plumber'. In this game, players need to connect various pipes and let the water flow seamlessly without any loopholes. Developed by Monsters Game, these developers have a specialty for casual arcade games. Though their game Plumber has garnered the highest number of downloads till date.


Here is a cute little game with its own twist of Good vs Evil. HeavenHell features a cute, round and fluffy angel and a similar looking devil, painted in Evil Red. The game's architecture is physics-based and will appeal to gamer of every kind. Kiddies might just keep smiling, everytime this game is launched. Developed by Nelphy Games, the game does not have any concept or a definite storyline, it is present just for the entertainment value and it surely does provide the player with a lot of just that.

Sketch n Draw

Unlock the artist within you by playing around with a simple yet amazingly addicting app like Sketch N Draw, available for Android. The app helps the users in letting the creativity run wild by vesting full power of imaging and sketching. Created by Abhishek Kumar, the developer seems to have created a wide range of apps on the market and has achieved some great download numbers in a short span of time. Sketch N Draw does look like an app with little or no lag at all.