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PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a photo editing app for Android phones. This isnít as powerful as the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop, but for mobile phones, it packs a punch. Aside from basic photo editing features, there are special effects built in too. For a free app, PicsArt Photo Studio is comparable to paid programs in terms of capabilities. However, the software is not difficult to learn. Icons are used instead of text, keeping the interface tidy. Its notification bar is located under the seven main icons. They are Photo, Camera, My Network, Profile, Gallery, Collage and Draw.

3D Bowling

After covering all types of sport games on our website, finally there is an offering for the Bowling lovers. 3D Bowling is one-of-the-best bowling titles to have made an appearance on the Android platform. The game offers crisp visuals with intuitive and smooth gameplay acting as the icing on the cake. Created by Italy Games, the developer has various games belonging to different genres under their kitty and certainly will not disappoint gamers with today's offering.

App 2 SD

Android is one of the leading smartphone platforms and there is no doubt about it, and the ever-growing Android Market just leaves the user spoilt with choices. Apps ranging from casual-free games to hardcore 3D console action, and utility apps that just make life a whole-lot easier. The biggest drawback being the storage-space. All the apps, once installed, get saved in the phone memory and not on the expandable one, taking up to much space off the already limited phone storage. Here comes in the life-savior (memory-savior), App 2 SD.

File Manager

Android have certainly become one of the most powerful OS out there and to add to its existing capabilities it comes filled with a ton of system files for various downloads, DRIM files, Cache memory etc. So if you want to do justice to all of them make sure to download a capable File Manger. Created by Rhythm Software, this developer is heavily into Android utility apps and after testing almost all of their apps I have to say that all performed really well.

Gmote 2.0

Ever wished your smartphone could also be the main media controller? Well, your wish has just been answered with the invasion of Gmote 2.0 on the Android platform. This is one app that takes PC/Mac media capabilities to the next level. Developed by Marc Stogaitis & Mimi Sun, people behind a variety of apps already on the market, they really did a remarkable job with Gmote 2.0

Fantasy Town

Love creating your very own world and giving it your own personal touch? Or Are you rather the type who loves playing Cityvile? Whatever may the game be, Fantasy Town is surely a game that will keep you smiling for endless hours. Brought to life by Gameloft, this developer has really kicked the gaming scene on Android & iOS to the next level. Gameloft has produced some of the greates titles in the history of mobile gaming, such as the Price of Persia: Warrior Within, Assassins Creed, Asphalt Series and more. Fantasy Town is a free game and definitely one of the yummiest till date.

Dual File Manager XT

Any smartphone in the current scenario is in dire need of a smart and efficient File Manager. Dual File Manager XT is a highly sophisticated and easy way to manage files on any Android device. Its a blessing for all users who have no idea how to sort and move tons of their apps, pictures, data files, videos to various locations without breaking a sweat. Developed by Medieval Software, the same people who have brought the "Bluetooth File Transfer", the Dual File Manager XT is a definite must have.

Ninja Dash

Here is something for all those who just cannot get enough of casual gaming titles on their smartphones. Ninja Dash will be one game that every gamer at heart will love and adore to the fullest, all owing to the sweet graphics and intuitive gameplay style integrated within the game ecosystem. Created by Mouse Games, this developer has produced some rather sad titles in the past, but things seem to have taken a turn with their Ninja Dash offering.

Advanced Task Killer

Attention Android users. How many times have you experienced battery depletion without any noticeable cause? This fault is not with the smartphone or the battery, but with the background applications. Android users will be shocked with the number of apps that get activated at start-up. These apps run quietly in the background and suck the juice out of the battery. The perfect solution to the elimination of the problem is Advanced Task Killer for Android.