Indie folk

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes: Like Shrapnel

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes might seem like an odd name choice for a band but there's definitely nothing odd about their sound. Creating a beautiful mix of indie folk and rock, Balthazar B and his ever-revolving cast is bent on sharing their gorgeous melodic sound to anybody who wants to listen. The group was founded and fronted by Paris based musician, Baltazar B. To complete his sound, he enlists the help of friends from various walks of life, some of them doctors others "geeks and religious scholars." This helps create a fresh menagerie of sound that's a certain delight to listen to. Like Shrapnel is a short EP that was recorded in pockets of time between Paris and London.

The Belle Game: Inventing Letters EP

Making a name for themselves in the indie folk pop world, The Belle Game's music is tough to resist. In fact, their sound resonates with a familiarity, much like getting that comforting hug from an old friend. This Canadian crew have known each other for a long time. In fact, two of the members have been friends since they were 5 years old. With fate & circumstances guiding them to each other, the crew officially formed and created their first debut EP, Inventing Letters. This mini EP is about two years old but time hasn't diminished the band's capacity to enthrall its audience thanks to the lovely melodies and catchy laid-back beat they create.

EllusBellus: Sticks, Stones & My Bones

Combining folk, acoustic and pop in a beautiful, melodic album takes a lot. However, EllusBellus manages to breeze through it without much trouble. The Chicago duo have been around for a couple of years; carefully crafting their brand of fun, folk pop music that brings to mind wonderful summertime afternoons. Sticks, Stones & My Bones is their latest offering. It features 6 tracks that range from slow, melodic goodness to upbeat and fun pop beats. It's one of those records you could play as a summer soundtrack as you frolic on the beach with friends, go biking around the neighborhood or simply relax in the park.

Nic Bommarito: Harp Fragments

Quiet and dreamy; makes you think of floating on a piece of cloud. When it comes to sweet and relaxing stringed music, then Nic Bommarito definitely is a must consider. Even though he might look like a college boy, he is actually a very accomplished artist, professional and of course, musician. His first release, Taciturn, has gained a huge following and has become an instant favorite among folk and post rock music lovers. For his recent release, Harp Fragments, there are subtle differences but the sweet melody as well as the beautiful melancholy is still ever present.

Brian Lee and His Orchestra Vol II – Let Yourself Be Happy

Soulful indie rock music that can do wonders for you on a bad day. Brian Lee and His Orchestra is a three piece unit that creates sweet and relaxing indie pop music that washes away a bad day like salt after a heavy snowfall. With slightly gruff vocals and a smooth acoustic/electronic instrument work, Let Yourself Be Happy is a solid compilation that wins over the admiration of regular or new fans alike. Along with that traditional Nashville sound, great recording quality and obviously high quality production and promotion, Brian Lee and His Orchestra definitely has what it takes to impress listeners with their brand of indie folk rock.

Be Brave Benjamin! Self-Titled EP – Valium for Your Nerves

Dreamy soundscapes with quiet vocals; a chance to sit back and think nothing. Be Brave Benjamin is essentially Ben Palmer and his guitar singing about everything in his life. It's a mixture of acoustic, slightly folksy compilation of songs which are easy to listen to. Formerly known as Wiseacre, this talented Welsh singer is currently creating music from Barcelona where he's marooned and stationed.

Emilie Lund: Emilie Lund EP

Another amazing release from Aaahh Records, Emilie Lund is the latest folk genius to come out of Stockholm. Singing about her life and influences while growing up in a countryside town in Sweden under the wing of former hippie parents, Lund brings a fresh take onto the world of folk music. Her music is soothing and melancholic; soothing in its capacity to stop time and melancholic because it can make for a great background track to your homesick emotions and melancholia.

Uniform Motion: Pictures

As you wait for your train on the platform, you look up and glance at the girl standing right across at the other side. She looks spaced, staring directly in your direction yet not seeing you. You stare a while longer and suddenly you’re overcome with an urge to talk to her.