Ego Ella May: Zero

Something to get you in a mood. Something to accompany you after a day of work. Something that is best consumed with a glass of wine. The music that makes you t... Read More

Lake Street Dive: Album Sampler

We have just been invited to a kickin’ jamming session at the ‘lake street dive’! Lake Street Drive, a quartet formed in Boston, is an underrated gem of a band that’s waiting be elevated to greater heights, even though they’ve been around in a decade now.

Kyd Dynomyte: Free Lunch

Here’s something for everyone: an R&B record without the vocals. That sounds just about right. Nashville native Antjuan Johnson, more popularly known as ‘Kyd Dynomyte’, looks like he’s setting his sights on producing (you know, Timbaland-ish or will.i.am-esque) with the way things are going.

Stacy Barthe: P.S. I Love You

Sometimes, the cure to a seemingly banal existence is a quick dose of infectious pop. This is exactly what newcomer Stacy Barthe [if you still count 2011 as new] is offering us. With her 2013 EP, P.S. I Love You, Barthe presents eight tunes of love — diversely presented for last year’s Valentines celebration — greatly puzzling us why we’ve never heard this promising talent before.

Kevin Michael: LISA

Kevin Michael is at it again with another spunky mixtape. This time, we’re revisiting his 13-track collection, LISA, which stands for “love is so amazing”. The concept album, put together with the help of Michael’s longtime collaborator Brian Kidd, is a lite nostalgic affair that takes you back to the glory of the 2009-2010 musical period: pulsating beats, ‘swagger’, and ultra-smooth harmonies — elements that currently proliferates today’s top 40 picks.