Nuela Charles: Aware [Sampler]

We know that’s already a given, but a sampler might add to your assurance of having an incredible album from Nuela Charles. The Canadian crooner released her full-length feature, Aware, last October 2012, to digital retailers, but still left a little gift for those who aren’t keen on buying yet: a 4-track taste test of the album featuring good chosen cuts.

Brittany Campbell: Black Summer

Brittany Campbell's "Black Summer" is her second collection of self-produced bangers. The album is a simple yet enjoyable, as it takes us on a whirlwind journey of love songs, break-up diss-downs, and self-empowerment affirmations -- all presented in a funky format.

Child Actor: Partner

If you think a union between R&B and electronica is impossible, then you might need to rewire your hearing. Fake Four Records’ new act, Child Actor, has come up with one of the most amazing R&B projects ever, and yes, it pertains to what I said above. Intermingling synth pop with rhythmic percussion beats, their debut EP Partner has set the stage on what was to become their trademark sound.

Kevin Michael: Brainwa$h

Breaking news: not only Ke$ha can rock the dollar sign, but so do newcomer Kevin Michael in his new “meditative” mixtape. Channelling Justin Timberlake and at times, early Chris Brown, Kevin’s sleekly-produced collection “Brainwa$h” is a formidable alternative to the (sometimes annoying) dubstep-infested RnB music of late.

ToriTori: Boom

Speakers are about to go Boom, as ToriTori releases her first ever EP of radio-friendly R&B tunes. Just one glance at the way that she’s packaged, and you can definitely see that ToriTori (Latoria Boyd in real life) only has mainstream dominance on her mind. That possibility isn’t far from happening though, since ‘Boom’ is looking to be one well-crafted collection.

[TED Talk] Naturally 7 beatboxes a whole band – Hip Hop and R&B with a twist

Love Hip Hop and R&B? Then this video is for you. Naturally 7 sung their way on TED Talks stage when they performed their song Fly Baby. No, there werent any instruments or band. Instead, they used their own vocals to compose a good rhythm. Beatboxing or vocal play, as they call it, is one of the things the group is very good at; it paved a way for them to be more creative and unique among any other Hip Hop and R&B groups.

Multi Genre Compilation Vol. 6 brought to you by Unsigned Artist Radio Network

Too much in love with music? Seeking for something thatll make your players and iPods sound unique, but cool? Looking for an album or compilation that will suit every music genre of your taste? Unsigned Artist Radio Network, under the license of Creative Commons, gives listeners this Multi Genre Compilation. This album is comprised of songs written and composed by artists promoted by UARadio.net. This internet radio is very gracious enough to put together 11 songs that will surely make listeners thirst for more not only for the artists featured, but also for their other gifted talents.

Legacy: Lagacy

We have a star on the rise for you here! Danny "Legacy" Mcbride is a very talented New York artist with a broad musical range. His sound is a fusion of R&B, Pop, Jazz, sometimes even Gospel & Rock. He's been producing local artists since he was twelve years old, learned how to play piano at age five and sang ever since he could speak. He has written or co-written all of the songs on this self-titled album and spent countless hours of recording and producing to bring it to perfection. Some of the songs feature two of his good friends and studio partners - Critical and G-dub.