New York has always been home to some of the most interesting musicians and These Animals is one four-piece crew that you can easily add to this roster. The boys have just released their self-titled EP showcasing their brand of hipster style pop dance rock, and together with their previous album, Souvenir Sessions, made all of this musical goodness available as a free download through FrostWire.

These Animals met in art school and decided to get together to form the band in 2010. Creating 60s style dance pop music, they showcase their various influences through their energetic sound and performances.

Currently part of the Aaahh Records, the group is made up of Greg Baldwin on guitars/vocals, Jon Rick on guitar/synths, Brian Crimmins on bass, and Will Whatley on drums.

Listening to their EP, These Animals, there’s no denying that the boys have something special going on. This 6-track compilation opens with the retro sounding, Side By Side. With jangly guitars and a great melody, the song is easily likable. There’s even a very slight trace of Mars Volta when you listen to the song, adding an interesting appeal to it. Taking it a bit slower on Miles, the boys sing a quiet dreamy pop love song filled with tambourines and solid harmonies.

My personal favorite, Ebb and Flow, is a rich track that incorporates lovely harmonies, great hipster sounding guitar work and a very catchy beat. The song feels as if it could belong to a different decade. Parts of it are reminiscent of 90s britpop while in certain instances you’d think it was from the 60s. The overall retro vibe makes the song a winner for me.

Even though the band is relatively new, These Animals and Souvenir Sessions are two very promising EPs that should not be overlooked. So point your cursor to the top of the page, click on a download, and enjoy those two lovely releases.

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