Well-loved band Terrace is back with an edgier approach. Their latest EP released last July 12, Circuits brings you four tracks of electro dance tunes for that psychedelic high.

Currently based in Vancouver and Calgary, Terrace is Simon Lock, Jodi Kane Hoesing, Chris Brewer and Adam Gasten. Unlike their first album Pollen, which was also featured here in FrostClick, Circuits EP explores the sharp and spacey aesthetic of electro dance music.

Intro track Chances approaches with rough electro beats and rapid drumbeats, slowing down to a pace perfect for steady partying. Glowing keys add a dreamy flair to the track.

Amazing tribal drums kicks off in Blinder. Spacey and ethereal vocals paralleled with an energy-filled arrangement, make this a contrasting yet pleasurably listenable whole.

Painting a dreamy landscape, The Moon Between Us is an explosion of stretching electro beats that slides flawlessly with charming keys. Sit back, press play, and let this soothing gem calm your senses.

Wrapping up the EP is Trying to Believe. I love how Terrace tries to experiment on silent, hazy sonic melodies adding bits of upbeat and rhythmic tunes. There‘s a great amount of craftsmanship invested in this song and it shines through, as this perfectly establish the group’s musical brand.

When it comes to electro dance music, Terrace has proven once again that they are a band to look out for. Circuits EP is a treasure chest of party anthems that’s waiting for you to discover.

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