Jyant‘s Love Overdose is exactly what its title claims it to be. The album’s 40 solid minutes of lovemaking music pack an intensity greater than anyone could have imagined before pressing play.


Rather than clinging to the shallow materialism that infests most of the R&B on the radio today, Jyant expresses his sexuality with a mature and respectful sex-positiveness. While devoutly worshiping the act of making love, he spends an equal amount of time exploring the themes of passion and partnership that sex in a relationship should be based upon. On Making Love To You he dreams of being “naked under the stars” with his lover while Sugar Rush sees him singing “I’ll wake up and make you breakfast in the morning/ whatever you wanna eat/ I’ll make a sausage/ If you’re vegetarian I’ll make an omelet”

Jyant‘s musical influences are quite audibly put forth in the record. His style borrows from artists like Maxwell (who he name-drops on Making Love To You) and Miguel, and there are moments where the production brings to mind 808s and Heartbreaks-era Kanye West. Pianos, guitars and synthesizers backed by hip-hop beats are smartly used to create a lush and gentle air for Jyant‘s smooth voice to cut through.

Love Overdose is a fairly strong effort for a debut album. It would be a pleasure seeing Jyant further develop his bedroom-readiness to greater musical heights.

Favorite Track: Sugar Rush


Track List
1. Love Overdose
2. Making Love To You
3. Sugar Rush
4. The Morning After
5. Show Time
6. Encore
7. Reassurance
8. Guilty Conscious
9. Up In Hur
10. Falling
11. This Ain’t Love

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