Northern Irish rapper and producer Jee4ce (pronounced G-Force) worked very hard to bring you this mixed album. He went around for almost a year collecting tracks from some of the best hip-hop artists from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is a third installment of Celtic Underground Sessions. Below is the tracklisting and the names of the artists featured on the album.
Enjoy – it’s a nice fresh mixture with some classic beats.

01. Capital 1212 ft. Mikey Krummins – Shootin Stars (Scotland)
02. Terawrizt ft. Jambo – End Of Dayz (Ireland)
03. Qred ft. Joe Blow 4dee and Skamma – Lunar Burn (Wales)
04. Respek BA – OH (Scotland)
05. Jee4ce – On The Rise (N.Ireland)
06. Ralph Rip Shit ft. Dubbledge – Kiss The Guns (Wales)
07. Evil Residents – Demonic Soldiers (Scotland)
08. Rubberbandits – Pure Awkward (Ireland)
09. Sweet And Tender Hooligans – I Have Seen (Wales)
10. Intox ft. Jonnyboy – Take Me Back (Ireland)
11. Skribbo ft. Loki – Heavyweights (Scotland)
12. Nugget – Loser (Ireland)
13. MasterSystem – Its Time (Scotland)
14. Werd & Deeko – Mad World (Scotland)
15. Cullo – Who Am I (Ireland)
16. Dave Gunn – Under The Forgotton Page (Scotland)
17. Lineage ft. Maverick Sabre – Cambia Tu Fortuna Remix (Ireland)
18. Hoax MC – Rhymin Son (Wales)
19. Holmes – HipHoperation (Scotland)

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