Dynamoe is quite a unique electronica band from Denmark. They’ve met almost by accident in 1997, when both Giovanni Campagna and Dennis Lee were signed by the same label. After a long chat, they’ve discovered they have so many ideas in common that working together was almost a given… They’ve recorded three singles under a Belgian label R&S Records and ultimately released their first record “Jump Start” in 2001 under sub label Apollo. Both the singles and the album were very well reviewed by the press and the music industry, so the duo, with their supporting musicians, went immediately back to work. “Coming Home” is the band’s second album and it was ready for press in December of 2003. In 2007, Dynamoe has released their latest recording, “In the Wake of Time”, and all three are now available for donation/free download at www.dynamoe.com.

Listen to a song from “Coming Home” while you read more!

Dynamoe music comes in a form of an exceptionally well blended mix of electronic and live sounds. Giovanni and Dennis are experienced producers whom, with the aid of their programming skills and the use of additional musicians, create a hybrid of warm resonances, disharmonic ambience all wrapped up with slow groovy beats and soulful vocals.

From Murena Records

“Jump Start” is the first of Dynamoe’s albums. It is definitely the most raw and electronic of them all. Elements of trip-hop and funk peaking through the most of the songs and heavy beats contrasting delicate vocals will make every track surprise you.

Make sure to listen to all three albums!

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