The Larsens Lupins are a cool trio that are trying to keep the spirit of 60s rockabilly alive. Formed back in 2007, these indie rockabilly dudes first recorded the album, Heaven is Worse, back in 2009 but they re-recorded all of the songs and fine tuned them the following year.

The boys incorporate a good variety of genres in their songs. From punk, 60s rockabilly, to 70s psychedelic rock; you’ll find it right in this compilation.

Every song has its own stamp of personality and reflects on the various musical interests each of the group members have. Definitely a fun compilation to have. 

Opening with the indie hipster title track, Heaven is Worse; you’ll easily understand how the band exudes that 60s/retro vibe. This uptempo track features good vocal work and will definitely get you groovin’ in no time. It’s followed by the equally danceable, Jeanne and Lewis.  One of my personal favorites in the record, this track is quite catchy. Have it playing on the background once or twice and pretty soon, you’ll be chanting “there’s no future for you and me” along with the crew.

Just when you think you understand the type of music these guys play, they come out with songs like the slow tempo beat, When I See The Rain and the very Doors sounding, No Smoking. Meanwhile, Teenage Sorrows, is another 70s psychedelic track that’s worth checking out.

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