With only few days after its release, Terra: The Legend of The Geochine is already creating buzz in the indie gaming world. Of course, finding out that it hails from the doors of DigiPen adds to its prestige.

If graphics are anything to go by, you can tell just by looking at that screenshot to the left, that it’s gonna be a real treat. The student developers didn’t skimp on the gameplay and storyline as well. This amazing puzzle game is definitely worth looking into.┬áIt provides enough of a challenge and gives players a fresh take on solving puzzles.

In the game you play Terra, a good witch that has to look for shards of a magical artifact called the Geochine. Your goal is to use it to manipulate certain events in the world thereby saving it. The Geomachine shards are scattered all over so you have to look for these with the help of your father’s notes.

When the game opens up, you’re greeted by a third person perspective of your character. There’s a mini tutorial as you navigate the area for the first time. Controls include basic arrow keys. Pressing the Spacebar allows your character to jump while Left Clicking on the mouse lets you break these big vases that are often in your way. As you go along, you’ll come across healing potions and jewels which will come in handy.

However, the one standout for this piece is that it combines tilting controls with regular ones. You see, once you get pieces of the Geochine, it allows you to manipulate the world’s gravity; letting you tilt or turn it around depending on what puzzle needs to be solved.

Playing the game is quite charming especially if you’re trying it out for the first time. Personally, the combination of the tilting controls as well as the puzzles is quite interesting. Just be careful because if you easily get queezy, then you might have trouble handling the tilt motion.

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