In the mood for some loud, fast and energetic punk rock? Check out Pinhead Records’ latest release. It’s a goldmine of new and up-and-coming punk rock bands.

Pinhead Records is a fairly new label hailing from Tampa, Florida and caters to punk as well as ska music. Run by a self-described “17-year-old douchebag,” you’ll find that it’s a haven for discovering great new punk music from various indie bands.

International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 5 is a massive 26-track compilation and it’s enough to give you something to rock on to for the entire night.

Compilation albums are always fun to put on since you’re always in for a surprise. Pinhead Records have been putting out these babies for awhile and for their latest release they remain true to the same elements: nothing but pure and loud punk rock tracks.

With over 26 bands to choose from, this is one massive collection. Opening single, All I Caught Was a Cold from Sit On It, starts the party on a high note. You’ll find a good amount of energy here, accompanied with a steady punk rock pace. It’s even more impressive once you find out that there’s just one person behind all this loudness.¬†Andy Wambach plays all the instruments, and records his music in an upbeat, fast yet melodic punk way.

About The Mess is another band who is worth checking out. It’s easy to spot their influence and preference for the punk rock of the 90s since pretty much their song title, I Remember ’94,¬† says it all. This Chicago based crew can pull up nice guitar licks, loud drums and chanty, melodic singing/shouting reminiscent of the past decade.

These are just two out of a host of tracks to choose from. It’s likely you’ll find something to enjoy in this compilation. Go ahead and grab the download. This is offered absolutely free.

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