Jars of Clay fans can celebrate as our favorite alternative rock band releases a bare-boned NoiseTrade Eastside Manor Sessions for free download. The collection features five tracks sang by the band live.

First stop is Age of Immature, where Dan Haseltine’s crisp voice serenades our ears accompanied with soothing melodies from a violin. With soft strings and quirky mandolin, the track exudes an air of serenity and balanced energy.

Loneliness & Alcohol follows with catchy acoustic samples and a playful tempo. Background vocals and touches of piano keys give texture and a playful tone. While Fall Asleep combines seasoned talent and original arrangement. Jars of Clay also treats the listeners with their signature touch of acoustic and rhythm guitars as well as impeccable loops that perfectly match Dan’s vocals.

The collection concludes with After The Flight, a highly contagious track that epic drum loops and thick riffs, teasing the listeners with a balance between texture and softness.

All in all, this collection will not disappoint fans and casual listeners, as each track offers a wonderful musical journey that easily captures the listeners’ hearts.

Track List:
1. Age of Immature Mistakes
2. Loneliness & Alcohol
3. Fall Asleep
4. Dead Man (Carry Me)
5. After The Fight (taken from the new album)

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