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Roof Jumping Stunt Driving Parking Simulator has a mouthful for a title, but it’s a pretty good description of what this is all about. Courtesy of publisher Playing with Friends, it’s as close to a simulation of roof jumping and stunt driving as you’ll find on the iOS, and it looks great.

What you do in the game is learn the art of extreme driving – speeding and jumping on rooftops, beating traffic and racing on high platforms. What makes things even more difficult is the fact that each course is unique, so you’ll need to do it fast since speed is a requirement in order to succeed.

Roof Jumping Stunt Driving Parking Simulator offers three cars for you to try, an off road 4×4, a stock racing sedan and a super sports car. Regardless which of them you choose, expect the handling to be realistic so this isn’t like an arcade game where you can just jump all over everything.

As you play you’ll need to learn how to perform complex jumps over step platforms without plummeting to the ground. You also need to figure out the tracks set on the buildings and race on them without crashing.

The main game mode is free to play, while the other modes require IAPs. However, you can play the main game mode 100% free, and there’s a leaderboard where you can see how you do compared to other players. Finally, the game lets you adjust and customize various elements, which is another plus.

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