We will keep it simple. Unsplash is pretty cool. “Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos”.
Unsplash offers beautiful hi-res photographs, on any subject, from city landscapes to movement, technology, portraits, all with a Creative Commons Zero License. Which simply mean – you can do whatever you want with the photo – copy, modify, distribute – all without asking for permission.


Unsplash is not great only when you are looking for you next fancy desktop wallpaper. It’s also great for the time when you need a visually stunning image for your new website, background image for your new weather or recipe app, or even a printed invitation to an event.


There is a lot of images out there, so if you know if you are looking for something more specific like a portrait, animal, food, or landscape photos you can either search for them by using a search field located in the top left corner or simply browse through many amazing photo collections available.


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