Tap Tap Radiation

Tap Tap Radiation is a free iPad game that will get you tapping on your free time. The game is much like Dance Revolution only this time, you let your fingers do the tapping. Developed by Tapulous, it is a fun and addictive game that's made even better for its iPad release. There are more than 30 free tunes that you can play in the game but thanks to its addictive quality, it won't be long until you find yourself going for the paid songs as well.

Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy provides you with almost everything you need to grab and rip audio CDs and convert them into WAV or MP3 formats. One of the main strongpoints for the EAC is that it comes equipped with new technology, taking audio grabbing to a whole new level. You'll hardly encounter any errors when reading or grabbing audio CDs since the program easily works with practically any file type. You can even pop in damaged or scratched CDs and there's a good chance that EAC will read and grab it quite perfectly. The program was created by Andre Wiethoff, former student of Germany's University of Dortmund. He developed the program because he was simply "fed up" with other audio grabbers that were available in the market. EAC is offered as a free download so give it a go.

FAAST: Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit

Geeks, gamers and everyone in between have been buzzing about the new "hacked" Kinect being used to play the lord of all RPGs, World of Warcraft. Scratching your head? Up until recently, we were too. Developed by a team from USC Institute for Creative Technologies, FAAST takes Kinect and allows users to play Warcraft using hand and body gestures. You can lean forward to make Garrosh, Thrall and company run; swipe your left hand in the air to move the camera or raise your hands to fire on a target. This Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit is revolutionizing the gaming world as we speak. Developers aren't stopping there. The team hopes to squeeze more from this free Kinect "middleware." One thing's for sure, it's about time there's technology that will get WoW players off their asses.