Madi Diaz: Stripped Chopped + Screwed

Madi Diaz graces the FrostClick scene again with a Stripped Chopped + Screwed version of her tracks in Phantom, her latest album which LA Weekly described as “the most danceable break up record ever.” The pop alternative songstress treats fans with acoustic versions of these well-loved favorites.

Uniform Motion: OFPS

A three man group comprising Andy Richards, Renaud Foresti, Olivier Piotte, Uniform Motion originally started by publishing a series of episodes, with each including a song, video and an interactive comic strip illustrating the new creation.

Awake! Awake!: Future Fire (Acoustic)

Experience a new face of acoustic rock as Nashville, Tennessee-based band Awake! Awake! crafts some clever soothing music in Future Fire (Acoustic). Awake! Awake! is the brainchild of David Johnson (lead vocals, synths) and Andrew Goodwin (guitar, vocals, synths).

The Desirables: And You, Bro?

If your efforts in scouring the best acoustic act out there is becoming futile, have no fear. The Desirables, a relatively new band comprised of two brothers, have released their third EP effort for the year, And You, Bro?, for your pleasure — considering that they’ve only started this year.

Derek Clegg: Head Down Sunrise

Summertime is a super swell time, except for the scorching heat that intensifies each year. To complement (or to aptly put it, “counter”) this temporal climate imbalance, a required listening of Derek Clegg‘s latest effort, Head Down Sunrise, is a must.

James Bay: The Dark of the Morning

Some scot-free acoustic goodies, comin’ up! Courtesy of James Bay. This young Brit only has this EP to boast, yet its a production that can be mistaken to those who are already years in the biz. Heck, Bay even has a Vevo account!