You haven’t really heard the “rawest” kind of acoustic music until you hear the Without Feathers.

Composed of Nat Johnson, Emma Kupa, and Rory McVicar, the trio just formed their band last March 2013, yet they bring a musicality that’s so amazingly polished. This is no mystery, since each of them already came from different seasoned bands.

Whether they’ve started just for kicks or for some serious industry domination, it can’t be denied that their debut EP Three Songs (which, you guessed it, only has 3 tunes) is a well-crafted starter set, even without the lush production — drums, synths, and all those ornaments.

Scared and Worried” starts the commotion…er, goodness…with catchy vocal work and simple strums that lace the stand-out harmonica in what appears to be a nod to European cobblestone jams. (Think Rome, or Paris.)

I Do Believe“, on the other hand, though employing a similar sounding arrangement, dips into Simon & Garfunkel territory through an ambient vocal harmony, while “Red Little Heart” puts the girls on the spotlight as they tastefully croon about the ironies of love.

We’re pretty sure that this short EP is only a prelude to something bigger.

Track listing:
1. Scared and Worried
2. I Do Believe
3. Red Little Heart

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