(Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck)

Alexander Chereshnev: Unremembered Stardust

Artist and composer Alexander Chereshnev, has unveiled his latest project titled Unremembered Startdust. The EP comes equipped with 4 tracks that are both hauntingly dreamy and melancholic. The artist has been around the music scene since 2004, producing various types of music and releasing a few EPs. Among his first compilations was a short record titled Going Home. This was released under his then moniker, Siberian Son. After this first foray, he followed it up by releasing various vinyls, singles as well as contributing to different compilations including this latest record.

Awake! Awake!: New Prime – Episode 5 Soundtrack

Making their second appearance here in the Frostclick blog is Murfreesboro, TN group, Awake! Awake! Their first album, We've Been Strangers, was released back in 2007 and was a haven of infectious riffs and indie rock goodness. This time around, they're not only brandishing a deeper, more mental sound; they're also playing it in support of Olan Rogers' short film series, New Prime.

Colours of Melancholia

Colours of Melancholia is the one-man project of Berlin based musician, Sebastian. It's an album that leaves you great window seats to the artist's sonic exploration. Initially influenced by heavy metal, rock and punk; Sebastian says he's always been fascinated in sampling as well as experimental types of production. This interest then led to this self-titled debut record. The compilation is a lush landscape of sound; showcasing great use of beats, samples and synths to create a pleasing album worth noting.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – The Concert: Selections, Summer 2012

For all the classical music lovers out there, Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is offering a great number of free classical compilations/podcasts for you to enjoy. The Concert series features live recordings from both young and seasoned contemporary classical artists. Their latest offering are the Selections recorded for Summer 2012. It contains 18 tracks from a host of talented musicians, playing their own versions of some of your favorite classical pieces.

Cloudkicker: Let Yourself Be Huge

Let Yourself Be Huge is an instrumental compilation that's filled with beautiful guitar picking and the occasional electro rock sound. The guy manning all of these eclectic sounds is Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker. The Boston, Ohio native is no stranger to creating and releasing records. He's had over 6 compilations released since 2008 and this latest effort only showcases how his sound has evolved from before.

Actraiser: Phantomile EP

Actraiser's Phantomile EP is a resurrection of sorts for Cut Music. After taking a mini-hiatus, they're back with an explosive and equally catchy free EP for all of you electro ambient obsessives out there. Bristol-based producer Actraiser delivers an magnetic five track compilation that flourishes with mystical dubstep tracks while sticking to classic ambient rhythms and beats. This the first for the artist and as expected from previous Cut Music recordings; it's setting great groundwork for future releases.

Cypria: Infinite Loop Vol. 1 (Indescribable Sounds)

Music and hip hop with a purpose; Infinite Loop Vol. 1 is an intense collection that's filled with crafty beats and interesting mixes. From the instrumentals to the R&B tinged tracks down to the occasional hip hop rhymes, the record is a great collection of random beats that's worth playing over and over again. The album is spearheaded by 19-year old UK producer, Cypria.

Tom Phonic: Good Luck Knowing

Filled with funky 8-bit style sounds and a host of futuristic beats, Good Luck Knowing is proving to be quite a record. Containing 8-tracks that were written and produced by Tom Phonic; most of the songs were created with friends as well as with specific inspiration in mind. The producer/DJ has been creating music for the past 12 years now. He's a St. Louis native but moved to the Big Apple in 2005. Here, he found a flourishing electronic underground scene that paved the way for his music to spring forth.

Sound Healers: Sound Healers Vol 1

If you want some smooth and eclectic semi-instrumental cuts to keep you company, Sound Healers Vol. 1 would be a great candidate. The album consists of 14 interesting tracks from various talented producers. Compiled by Leeds producer, Bambooman, it was done "to help shed light on some amazing forward thinking producers from across the globe." You'll find tracks from artists like Blank and Kytt, Deft, Zack Christ, Daneat, Sina, Rooflight, Kashmere, as well as Bambooman himself.