Folk Rock

The Lighthouse and the Whaler: Pioneers EP

For fans of Moby Dick and music, rejoice! The Lighthouse and the Whaler is a band from Cleveland, Ohio that took its name from the Herman Melville classic. This collaboration between two musicians – Aaron Smith and Michael LoPresti – who just wanted to create music outside their basement, has now come up with a vibrant EP that will surely make a mark to its listeners.

Callaghan: 40 States and Counting

Many years and counting, and we’re still looking for that seminal pop-rock record to stimulate our bubbly senses. A worthy contender comes in the form of Callaghan, a relatively new female act that possesses a solid set of heart-wrenching tunes. Born as Georgina Callaghan, the 31-year-old prodigy has been hard at work since the latter part of the previous decade, and hasn’t stopped ever since.